Classic Technical Certificate

Fascination and enthusiasm for Porsche vehicles have always been closely connected with the history of Porsche. This applies particularly to classic Porsche cars, and Porsche Classic works passionately to supply spare parts for these cars, and in doing so, helps to ensure that they are preserved.

With the Porsche Classic Technical Certificate, Porsche Classic Partner Hong Kong offers the option to test historical Porsche vehicles (from the 356 to the Carrera GT) extensively, inspects them and provides the customers with historical information.

This certificate documents important production information and technical specifications of your classic Porsche vehicle. Your Porsche Classic Technical Certificate includes original vehicle data at the time it was delivered, such as date of production, the exterior and interior color and material, and optional equipment. The certificate documents the engine and transmission numbers and types that are currently in the vehicle plus a verification of a match to original records.

Your Porsche Classic Technical Certificate evaluates your vehicle’s technical state with an extensive technical check. The evaluation includes inspection results for the exterior, interior, drive system, underbody and suspension. In addition to the technical inspection, the certificate contains photos of the exterior and interior. A detailed summary of your Porsche vehicle’s inspection from the Porsche Classic-trained technician is also included in this document.

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