Porsche Fuel Additive
Achieve the Optimal with Porsche

While car maintenance can sometimes feel never-ending, making smarter choices definitely helps smoothen the process. The build-up of carbon deposits as a result of fuel combustion gradually reduces the engine’s ability to perform at its optimal level, impacting power and acceleration and leading to possible engine faults or engine life reduction, not to mention increasing fuel emissions.

To ensure our customers do not have to face similar outcomes, we have developed the Fuel Additive specifically for Porsche engines. Widely applicable to all previous generations of Porsche models and valued at HK$170 per bottle,it offers pure care to maintain clean engines, reduce friction between the piston ring and cylinder wall, while also providing excellent corrosion protection for the entire fuel system. With the protection of Porsche’s Fuel Additive, your Porsche will always be ready to take on new driving adventures at its best performance levels.

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