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Porsche Dashboard Camera Promotion

At Porsche, your needs and safety are always our top priority. Our professional after-sales team provides comprehensive protection for you and your car. Porsche is now launching the below special offer for dash cam. Installation will be carried out by professional Porsche technicians to ensure top-end quality and that you, our valued customer, is protected when it matters most.

Porsche Dashcam

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The Porsche Dashcam comes with a front camera. It is operated via a special app in which all settings can be carried out. Recorded videos are saved on the supplied SD card and continuously overwritten. If the Dashcam detects a strong vibration or the radar sensor is triggered, the recorded video is stored separately and is not overwritten. Recordings can be downloaded directly from the SD card or via the app.

f cam
Front Camera
Radar Sensor
Polarization filter

IROAD Dashcam X10

IROAD is a premium dashcam brand from South Korea. X10 comes with both front and rear camera. It supports night mode for recording clear video in low light situation. The new Time lapse function supports efficient memory usage and provides extremely longer recording time.

It connects to a smartphone via Wifi IROAD app and offers features such as: Live View, download recording files, Firmware update and changing settings.

IROAD X10 3 1
fnr cam
Font & rear camera
Time Lapse


Product Name

IROAD Dashcam X10

Porsche Dashcam


Ultra-High Resolution 4K video

Quad High Definition

Recording Angle

Front and rear camera

Front camera / Front and rear camera (Only for specific models)

Recording Mode

Normal recording when engine is started. Auto adjust to 1fps while parking and 10fps if there is any impacts or movements under event recording. Event files are kept separately both PC viewer and mobile app.

Recording begins automatically when the engine is started. If a vibration event occurs, the 10 seconds after the event are stored.


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Key Features

  1. The front camera comes with latest 8-Megapixel resolution image sensor and 4K UHD video at 165 degree wide angel.
  2. The SONY Exmor image sensor plus X-vision technology installed at rear camera to enhance illumination when imaging at night with 145 degree wide angel.
  3. Optimize storage capacity by using “TIME LAPSE” function to 16 Hrs with 1fps under event mode.
  4. Saved images can be rememorized and restored with the auto recovery system.
  5. Supports Wi-Fi connection for real-time access to recording via mobile phone.
  1. Radar sensor for recording a video if an object approaches the vehicle.
  2. Lens with polarization filter for reducing reflections and improving colours and contrast.
  3. Audio recording can be disabled for privacy protection.
  4. Supports Wi-Fi connection for real-time access to recording via mobile phone.

Memory Card Size



(Included installation and part fee)

HK$ 7,500

HK$ 9,400

Terms & Conditions*

  1. If you want to install Porsche Dashcam, the relevant option is requested to select when purchasing a new car.
  2. This service is applicable to Porsche cars only. Jebsen Motors Limited reserves the right to amend or terminate any of the offers, other services and the relevant terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of dispute, the decision of Jebsen Motors Limited shall be final and conclusive.
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