3 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Smells

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Blocked Air Conditioner Filter

In densely populated Hong Kong, the air conditioner filter can block the dust and pollutants in the outside air. Regularly replacing the filter can help maintain good air quality in the cabin.

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Residual Odor from Drain Pan or Drip Lines

When the air conditioner is turned on with convective air, the odor produced by sweat, articles or food, and moisture in the air will spread with the convection air and remain in the drip lines. Air conditioner disinfectant help clean from the air-conditioning vents.

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Mold Growth in Air Conditioner

When you finish driving and turn off the air conditioner, the damp conditions mixed with a warm environment and water droplets are formed that evaporator become moldy and smelly over time. Deep cleaning is needed and seeking for professional technician.

Porsche Air Conditioner Cleaning Service
Drive Clean and Fresh with Porsche Triple-Care Air Conditioning Sanitization in this Summer

Your driving experience takes utmost priority for us at Porsche, from performance to your environment inside the car. Porsche Centre Hong Kong is offering a special discount on Porsche Triple-Care Air Conditioning Sanitization Packages*, which effectively filters pollen, dust, odors, bacteria and mold while regulating and purifying the cabin for utmost comfort. It is always a good time for additional protection and freshness! The package includes:

Air Conditioner Filter Replacement

Air Conditioner Filter effectively blocks dust and pollutants in the air and ensures the Air Conditioning System is operating at its optimum level.

PM 2.5 Filter Replacement $800

Air Conditioner Filter helps remove dust, pollutants, bacteria and allergens as well as prevent the formation of micro particle pollutants and germs inside your car.

Air Conditioner Cleaning $1200

Porsche Approved disinfectant spray helps remove bacteria and is fungicidal.  It also prevents the re-formation of bacteria for a prolonged period. With the aid of an atomizing active agent, the air freshening product helps remove bacteria-induced bad odors and counteracts allergic reactions.

Terms & Conditions*

This service is applicable to Porsche cars only. Jebsen Motors Limited reserves the right to amend or terminate any of the offers, other services and the relevant terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of dispute, the decision of Jebsen Motors Limited shall be final and conclusive.

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