Porsche Approved Warranty
Specialized care your Porsche deserves

Whatever the age, a Porsche will always be a Porsche. Quality and confidence take precedence in every interaction we have with you. That is why we are delighted to present the Porsche Approved Warranty, which offers comprehensive protections and elevated driving pleasure for Porsche owners.

The Porsche Approved Warranty* includes a thorough inspection based on a 111-point checklist as well as the following privileges: 

  • Worldwide validity
  • No mileage limit
  • Warranty period of up to 15 years
  • 12 / 24 / 36-month coverage packages
  • Restoration of Porsche Genuine Parts only
  • Porsche Assistance services

*The warranty is available for vehicles up to their 15th year and with a mileage not exceeding 200,000 km.

Maintain your Porsche at its best with the help of our experienced certified team. Contact our Service Advisors at 2179 7911 for more information or to make an after-sales service appointment.

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